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Upcoming Live CE Opportunities

Upcoming Live CE Opportunities

With our ongoing partnership with the Golden Isles Association of REALTORS® (GIAR), we are offering two CE classes in the upcoming months. Please note that while we will be teaching the course, the administration of the classes will be handled by the staff at GIAR. Please visit MyGIAR.com to register! […]

End of National Moratorium on Evictions & What It Means…

End of National Moratorium on Evictions & What It Means…

Just because the REALTOR® organization led the battle against the CDC’s mandated moratorium on rental evictions doesn’t mean REALTORS are cold-hearted bastards ready to throw grandma out in the streets. What this means is that while the moratorium benefitted some legitimate folks who were struggling to pay their rent due […]

How Do You Like Our New Look?

How Do You Like Our New Look?

Since launching the site in 2014, our online home has finally received a much needed overhaul! Like our homes, every now and then, things need a bit of sprucing up and updating! We’ve also beefed up security and added SSL certificates to secure the site because… you know… evil doers […]