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What it Prelicense?

This is the first step in the licensing process. Often referred to as the 75-hour Prelicense or Salesperson Course, it is required by the state in order to become a ‘Candidate for Licensure.’ (For the sake of full transparency, it actually takes longer than 75 hours. Those hours are typically the minimal hours required. But it’s the content that matters – so who’s counting, right?)

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The Licensing Process

We are often asked about the steps involved in getting your license beyond the Prelicense Course. Below are the major points to help you navigate this process:

  1. Take and successfully pass the course
    The school will upload your ‘Application for Licensure’ to the GA Real Estate Commission (GREC) to let them know you have met this requirement.
  2. Schedule your state licensing exam
    Once GREC transmits your info to PSI/AMP, the official 3rd party testing center for the state, you can schedule your exam at either their Atlanta, Macon, or Savannah locations.
  3. Get your license issued & go active immediately
    PSI/AMP must issue your license. Once you pass, you must present: 1) a notarized Affidavit of Legal Presence; 2) a current clear Criminal Background Check (no more than 60 days old); and optionally, 3) a Sponsoring Broker Form (the broker/firm to whom your license will be assigned).
  4. Get your license issued & go inactive
    If you pass your exam but don’t have all your documents or haven’t decided on which Broker will hold your license, you can still be issued one. If you don’t have a Sponsoring Broker, you can’t work, so while a license can still be issued, it will automatically go into INACTIVE status which means your are legally licensed but cannot begin work yet.
  5. Criminal Background Issue?
    If there is something on your Criminal Background check – no matter how old or trivial, PSI/AMP will collect all your documents and forward them to GREC for review. 9 times out of 10, for minor things, they will simply issue and forward your license to you. For more complicated issues, they may contact you for more information.

Live, In-Class

The traditional classroom, or what can literally be called ‘old school’… We offer evening classes virtually via Zoom or in the physical classroom through our partnership with the Golden Isles Association of REALTORS® located in DT Brunswick, Georgia.

Self-Paced Online

Independent study more your thing? This online self-paced program is ideal for those who cannot commit to set schedules and is disciplined and focused enough to work on their own. Convenient and flexible – and always with access to a live instructor if you have questions!

One on One

One on One option is a completely flexible program designed for those who want live instruction but on a more personalized experience. It’s a bit more costly since you don’t have others to help defray costs, but for some, it’s definitely worth it…