If you’re on this page, it probably means you are already licensed in another state looking to get your license here in Georgia.

The following is an excerpt from the Candidate Handbook from PSI (the official testing center for Georgia) in regards to reciprocity in Georgia:


Georgia offers license reciprocity from all states… but Florida.

Florida requires licensees from Georgia to take the state portion of the Florida real estate license examination. Therefore, Georgia requires Florida licensees to take and pass the state portion of the Georgia real estate license examination.

Based about 40 miles from the Florida border, we often work with Florida reciprocity candidates to help them prepare for the Georgia 50 question Supplemental Exam which focuses on the topics of:

  • Georgia License Law and Rules & Regulations
  • Real Estate Practice in Georgia
  • Finance and Closing

Remember, every state has its own unique laws, rules, customs and practices so it’s just a good idea to educate yourself on the way things are done in the state to which you are moving! Things like agency practices, leasehold regulations and landlord/tenant laws, financing and closing procedures, etc.

Blazing ahead and conducting business as you had in your former state will get you into trouble!


While we are working on developing a non-credit review program specifically tailored to reciprocity candidates, we are still a ways off from bringing the course online. In the meantime, the following options are available:

Option 1: Cram Session

Many of our reciprocity candidates find it helpful to just audit a live instruction Prelicense class for review purposes in order to gain better insight into the specific topics listed above. Others have found it beneficial to join our Full Weekend Cram Session which is a comprehensive review of prelicense concepts – including all the Georgia specific stuff you need to know.

Option 2: Online Exam Prep

As part of our independent student online course offering (associated with the Prelicensing program) we have online practice exams available including national exam, national + state, and just the state portion. Click on the image below:

Option 3: Georgia Real Estate Exam Prep Book

For more information or to discuss which option may be the best, please contact us at (912) 223-2133!