Self-paced, independent study courses perfect for those who prefer to learn on their own. As always, live instructors are available to assist if you need help!

Self-paced, Independent Study

Online courses are a great, convenient options for those who want to learn whenever and wherever they are and not be limited to set class schedules or set class locations. It’s also a good option for those who don’t want to wait for a scheduled traditional course offerings at the local association whether it’s the long Prelicense or Brokers courses or simply a quick 3 or 6 hour CE course.

These courses are created on Learning Management Platforms (LMS) and must comply with rigorous standards established by ARELLO (Association of Real Estate License Law Officials) in order to be approved for credit by state regulatory bodies like the Georga Real Estate Commission (GREC).

How online courses work

Online courses typically present the content in modules requiring students to read a few slides or watch videos containing content, and answer a few questions about what they’ve just read or seen/heard before moving onto the next set of slides or videos… lather, rinse repeat.

At the end of each module, students often will be sent back to repeat that module and must answer the questions correctly twice before the student can proceed and the next module is unlocked.

In the world of distance education, this system is referred to as Mastery Based Assessment where students must show a degree of understanding (or mastery) over the content covered in the module in order for them to progress.

While this process can be repetitive and a bit mind-numbing, we stand by the content in the courses and the success rate of those who complete it.

Time frame for online courses

All of our online course give you 6 months to complete. This applies to 3 hours CE course to the entire Prelicense program.

When you first register, you will set up your student account on the platform creating your log in and password. All courses will be listed on your dashboard with expiration dates noted.

If you find you need extra time, please contact us. We are happy to extend your course free of charge and have the ability to do so on our limited administrative side of the platform.

We do this because we feel strongly that you should focus on content and comprehension rather than stress about meeting some deadline.

It’s about how you learn best

Everyone learns in different ways. For many, independent study can be a challenge.

Online courses are best for those who are self-disciplined and self-motivated enough to stay on task and focus on the material and the ultimate completion goal.

Statistically, we’ve found the completion rate for online courses, especially the longer programs like Prelicense or Brokers, is not great. It has nothing to do with the quality of the course or the content, but more to do with people losing steam, putting the course on the back-burner, and forgetting about it.

Life happens. We get it. It’s easy to set things aside and then lose your focus. (That’s why we are generous with offering course extensions…)

However, for those who manage to complete the course, the PASS rate is very high.

You’re not alone

We also understand the very isolating nature of independent study and want to assure our online students that you are not alone. We are always available to assist you, to provide expanded explanations, and de-mystify concepts as you work your way through the course.

The CE Shop

Due to the technical requirements of providing online courses, it is not difficult and often not feasible for small schools like ours to create our own online programs. Therefore, we work through a wholesale partnership with The CE Shop, the largest online real estate education provider in the country.

This means that while the course is provided through their LMS platform, we administer the course through our school with each course carrying our unique course code approved by GREC.

This means that if a student needs any assistance with content, our licensed instructors is always available to assist. Any technical issues are handled by The CE Shop.


Ideal for those who don’t want to wait weeks or months for a live class.

Final exam requirement is the same as a live course. Students have 2 attempts to pass the final exam in order to pass the course.


Designed to help new agents transition into the profession and required for all new licensees.

A final exam is required for successful completion and is usually not as intense as prelicense.

Continuing Ed

An array of 3 and 6 hour CE courses on various topics at your finger tip on general or specialized niche topics.

No exam is required for completion credit!


Ideal for those who don’t want to wait weeks or months for a live class.

Final exam requirement is the same as a live course. Students have 2 attempts to pass the final exam in order to pass the course.