A personal approach to Prelicense or Brokers education when traditional format classrooms or online options won’t work.

If you are interested in getting a more personalized approach to licensing, please contact us for more details and tuition.

Call or Text: (912) 223-2133

Once you have spoken with us and decide to go forward and register for our One on One Prelicense course, please use the linkk below to register using the password we provide:

Alternate Solution

For some, scheduled classes just won’t work and online learning is not for them. Sometimes, it’s a matter of anonymity where a student may not want others to know they are seeking a real estate licenses… yet. Hey, it happens.

Whatever your circumstances, the One on One Prelicense (or Brokers) might be the right alternate solution for you.

GREC Compliant Classes
Regardless of class size, whether it’s 100 students, 30, or just one, we always comply with GREC Rules regarding the administration of classes. This means students in any class format must be present for the entire course, complete all assignments, participate, and pass the final exam.

Flexible Schedule
We meet when it works best for you (and for us since we have other obligations as well.) Typically, at the end of each session, we set the date for our next class or classes. If our schedule allows, we can even meet on weekends or evenings.

Convenient Virtual Classes
The One on One format works exceptionally well in a Zoom setting since it is just the instructor and YOU. No other students to distract you and the instructor is focused on you alone. You get the same face to face experience as a live session, all from the comfort and convenience of your home or office.

Worth the Price
Let’s face it, One on One classes are a bit pricey. Without the presence of other students to help share/defray the cost of the school’s resources and the instructor’s time and efforts, the tuition for private Prelicense classes can be cost prohibitive for many. We know it’s not for everyone but for some, it’s definitely worth the price!