We have TWO Brokers Courses starting in January 2024! We know you’re busy so we’re offering you day or evening options!

Take your career to the next level

If you’ve been actively licensed for at least 3 consecutive years out of the past 5 and you are at least 21 years old, you might want to consider taking the next step in your career…

The Brokers Course is not technically about real estate. That’s what Prelicense is for.

While we do spend a good bit of time reviewing key real estate fundamental concepts from the prelicense course, this program is more about Leadership and Management because that is what being a Broker is all about.

What Exactly is A Broker?
  • Under Georgia law, only a BROKER can engage in real estate brokerage activities for a fee.
  • The term ‘Broker’ technically refers to the Qualifying Broker (typically referred to simply as Broker), the one in charge of the Firm.
  • A Firm can only have one Broker, the LEADER of that Firm and the one responsible for all licensees at that Firm.
  • So what does that mean for all other agents at that Firm?
  • It means they are working in real estate ON BEHALF of that Broker. So when Sellers and Buyers hire us, they are actually hiring our Broker/Firm through us acting as the Broker’s agent. Confused? Yeah, so are a lot of agents out there, but that’s another story.
Two Different Hats

The skill sets required to be a good real estate salesperson are not necessarily the same skill sets required to be a good, effective Broker!

A Qualifying Broker is the Leader of his/her firm and the one legally able to act in real estate. A Broker is responsible for the overall performance and conduct of the firm’s affiliated licensees and therefore acts in a leadership and managerial capacity.

When there is a crisis or any conflict, it is the Broker who must ultimately be prepared to make decisions and act. When a licensee breaks the law, violates rules or policies, gets in trouble… the Broker will ultimately be responsible because technically, that licensee is acting FOR the Broker.

They typically have oversight over their firm’s policies and procedures, as well as hiring, firing, training, and managing affiliated licensees.

It is also the Broker who is in charge of handling trust accounts, ensuring the firm is compliant with all laws and regulations, and ultimately establishes the unique culture of that office/firm.

It’s a big job, but we have faith in you…

Luck Favors the Prepared

A Broker’s license isn’t just for those who have ambitions to open their own firm. There are plenty of us who hold a Brokers license who are perfectly content working under another Broker. We are referred to as Brokers from a licensing status but in practice, our role is officially that of Associate Broker – meaning we are NOT the Qualifying Broker of that particular Firm.

The nice part of having this license even if you don’t act as the Qualifying Broker of your a Firm is that you are ready to act should an opportunity arise or if one day you just wake up and think, “I’m gonna open my own firm.”

Remember, luck favors the prepared!

A Different Kind of Exam

A Broker candidate will be expected to recall the same information as a Prelicensing candidate. This doesn’t mean this exam will be similar to the initial license exam.

Effective 2023, the Brokers exam has returned to the multiple choice format from the simulation format – that used to freak people out. The questions are still presented in scenarios requiring you to understand the situation and requires you to draw from the fundamental real estate concepts you learned in Prelicense but also from your experiential knowledge of how our industry works. Additionally, as the course will help you grasp, you will have to be able to read a situation, understand there may be more to the situation than what is being given and therefore, know what additional information you might need, and then, be able to make good, sound decisions based on your grasp of concepts, laws, customs and practices in Georgia.

Oh, and the multiple choice answers are not limited to the common four(4) options where only one is correct. The Brokers exam multiple choices often require you to select all that apply!

It’s not easy! But it’s well worth it in the long run.

Don’t worry. Our course will help you review and prepare for whatever the state throws at you and get you set on the path to succeed after the exam!

Live Class: Day

Live Class: Evenings

Self-Paced Online

  1. Single 3-hour sessions held in the mornings and/or afternoons plus a full Saturday OR
  2. Full day sessions, 3 hours in the morning, 3 hours in the afternoon for a quicker but more intense program
    Offered by Capitus Learning, taught by REPC

Single 3 hours sessions beginning at 6pm meeting 3 days a week plus a few full day Saturdays.

Perfect for those with too many obligations during the day.

Offered by Capitus Learning, taught by REPC

No time for set schedules? Able to learn independently? Don’t want to wait for an upcoming live session?

Earn your brokers license at your own pace with our online program w/ the benefit of having access to our instructors for help along the way!