Georgia law requires all new licensees to complete an additional set of specific education in their first year of licensure. Often referred to as the ’25 hour Post License Course,’ this name can be misleading to many who incorrectly believe this means they must take a cumulative 25 hours of Continuing Education courses in their first year.

The Post License Course is its own thing. 

Failure of a licensee to complete this course within one year from the date the license was originally issued will result in the license lapsing. A licensee with a lapsed license will be unable to work in real estate until corrective measures are taken to restore/unlapse the license!

Unlike prelicense courses where the content is basically mandated by the state, Post License is far more open ended and the state allows schools a great deal of flexibility in the sort of topics they provide to students.

At this time, we only offer and administer the Post License Course in an online format only through our partnership with Mbition on their LMS platform. Below are the two options available! (Be advised, while both contain some math problems, the finance course is a bit more math intensive… for obvious reasons)