Sometimes, you just need a little extra help outside the classroom setting. We get it. This is where some old school tutoring can help!

If you’re interested in getting that extra boost to help you get your head wrapped around real estate topics or need help with study methods, contact us:

Text Us at: ? (912) 223-2133


Our Tutoring Service

Bear in mind, any of our registered students can receive one on one assistance with an instructor as part of their enrollment if they are struggling with a particularly challenging topic/concept during the course of their studies.

Target Tutoring Candidate

Tutoring is offered to those individuals who have enrolled in programs elsewhere. Over the years, we have helped students who have taken other schools’ prelicense or brokers courses, online or live, but struggled to pass the course final. Others have passed their course finals but couldn’t seem to successfully tackle the state license exam.

Specific Topics

Anyone considering tutoring should have narrowed down the specific topics with which they are struggling. Tutoring is charged by the hour and can get prohibitively expensive if you end up using it as a comprehensive review of the entire course.

For that, you may just as well take our Cram Session at $79 (if timing permits), re-take the course, or audit one if you’ve already passed the course itself.

Alternative to Tutoring

FYI: We welcome any student who would like to audit the prelicense or brokers course for review purposes to join our Prelicense or Broker Course for reduced tuition (plus cost of any textbook, if necessary). For more information, visit our Prelicense page or Brokers Course page.


One on one tutoring sessions can be scheduled whenever it works best for you as long as our schedule permit, including days, evenings, or even weekends. We know you’re busy and we’re willing to work with you.

We can opt to meet live at a location to be determined or we can meet one on one via Zoom. It’s your choice!

Hourly Rate

Currently, the hourly tutoring rate is $55/hour paid in one hour blocks. That means if you end the session in 30 minutes, you will still be charged $55, so plan to use the entire hour you’ve paid for effectively.

Once you schedule a tutoring session, we will invoice you out of PayPal®. We can also arrange payment by check, Venmo, or CashApp. Invoices must be paid prior to the session.