The traditional classroom as most of us know it.


We offer our 12-week, evening courses twice a year: once in the spring and once again in the fall. Please note that all classes, physical classroom or virtual, the Final Exam is administered LIVE, IN-PERSON at the Golden Isles Association of REALTORS® in Brunswick, Georgia. Please note that we are based in the Golden Isles. This means all proctored exams are LOCALLY administered. We are under no obligation to make arrangements outside of our market for the administration of Final Exams.

SPRING SESSION typically begins mid-February and ends the last week of April or first week of May – to coincide with the National Assoc. of REALTORS® (NAR) Annual Legislative Meeting held in Washington DC usually scheduled for the second week in May. Remember, we are active REALTORS® engaged with our industry and diligent about staying up to date with issues affecting our industry!

FALL SESSION typically begins early August and ends the last week of October – to coincide with NAR’s Annual Conference usually scheduled for the first week in November. Also, we feel it is important to finish the course by October in order to give our students time to schedule and take their state license exam before the holidays begin and screw up everyone’s normal schedules causing them to delay their exam and forget what they learned!