The online prelicense course presents the content in modules requiring students to read a few slides of information and answer a few questions about what they’ve just read before moving onto the next set of slides of content… lather, rinse repeat.

At the end of each module, students will be sent back to repeat that module and must answer the questions correctly twice before the student can proceed and the next module is unlocked.

In the world of distance education, this system is referred to as Mastery Based Assessment where students must show a degree of understanding (or mastery) over the content covered in the module in order for them to progress.

While this process can be repetitive and a bit mind-numbing, we stand by the content in the course and the success rate of those who complete it.

We also understand the very isolating nature of independent study and want to assure our online students that you are not alone. We are always available to assist you, to provide expanded explanations, and de-mystify concepts as you work your way through the course.


The course is provided through The CE Shop’s Learning Management System (LMS) platform but is managed and administered by Real Estate Performance Center. CLICK BELOW TO LEARN MORE AND REGISTER!

Below are some online Exam prep assistance for prelicensing!


When you complete the course, REPC policy requires all online students to complete a One-On-One GAR Forms Review with our licensed instructor before the final exam can be scheduled. These forms are the proprietary real estate forms created by the Georgia Association of REALTORS® and the most commonly used real estate forms in Georgia. The proper use and understanding of these forms, their purpose, key provisions, the nuances of the language, best practices, common mistakes, legal liabilities etc. are critical to a licensee’s success in the real world.

We feel we would be remiss in our responsibilities sending new licensees out into the industry without additional training on the use of our forms!


We offer the Full Weekend Cram Study Session twice a year at the end of each of our Live Prelicense Courses – typically late April and late October. Our Cram Sessions provide a comprehensive review of all prelicense concepts and is open to anyone needing a boost to prepare them for any of the state real estate licensing exams.

Non-REPC students are charged a fee to attend. Our online students are invited to join our cram sessions free of charge if timing allows. Students do not need to have completed their course in order to attend but should be far enough along in the course to make the cram session worth its while.


Let’s face it, we’re busy. Adulting is hard. Our lives get complicated. Everybody seems to want a piece of you.

In order to successfully complete this intensive program, you must be focused, organized, self-driven, and be able to keep yourself on track. You also need access to a quiet place where you can designate time to work on the course without disruption.

Bear in mind, not everyone is cut out for online learning. Statistically, the completion rate for online prelicense is not very good because it’s easy to put it on the back burner as life gets away from you. (See above: Adulting is hard.)

However, for those able to complete it, the pass rate is very high!

So this is why we like to say: Only YOU know how best YOU learn!

Choose wisely and good luck!